Doors And Windows

Doors and windows systems are widely used for their optimum performance and attractive appearance. They come in diverse shapes and sizes, are highly insulated from wind and water and are easy to maintain and assemble.


The aluminum rolling shutters are perfect for protecting your property from sun, wind and rain. They are obtained by either extruded or injected profiles depending on the measurements of the shutter and the client’s demands. They come in a variety of colors


Folding systems provide a unique solution for openings that enlarge spaces while giving your room a “stat of the art” appearance. They slide easily and are perfect for areas that extend to the outdoors. Some of their many feature are weather resistance, bring in natural light and providing countless options for dimensions, designs and material


At Profitech, façade systems consist of curtain walls and spider systems. Our curtain wall system combines innovative design with state of the art technology. This system gives architects the opportunity to create spectacular facades while adapting to all kinds of solutions that include opening, hiding, projecting and pivoting wings. As for the spider system, it’s a new and advanced concept in façade construction. It integrates stainless steel accessories to give a creative and spacious effect.


Aluminium Composite Panels offer a range of attractive and versatile solutions for internal and external surfaces. They are made from an antitoxic polyethylene core bonded between two fine aluminium sheets. They are characterized for their lightweight, flatness and durability. They can be molded into a variety of shapes and available in a wide range of striking colors.


Perfect for utilizing a space all year long, motorized sliding ceilings create a highly effective extension for homes and businesses. The system is composed of a modular structure in aluminum profiles with large cross-section, including beams, wall fixing sections, gutters and support columns.


Internal glass partitions are the best solution for dividing a space into several parts while keeping it looking spacious. They come in a variety of design features: frameless, tinted, printed logos, pattern design… They give your space a naturally lit and elegant feel.


With their avant-garde and eye catching designs, Sky Lights are ideal for modern architectural structures. Its best feature is providing the interior of the building with natural daylight


Available in slick, modern designs, balustrades are suitable for both the interior and exterior of commercial and residential areas as well as public spaces. Whether they are aluminum extruded designs or Aluminum stainless steel finish handrails, they are highly aesthetic, resistant to various weather conditions and available in different colors and sizes.

Balcony glass curtains and movable glass walls (Prisma) provide an aesthetic and practical way for extending your space. Balcony glass curtains offer a transparent and frameless view from your balcony, as they have no visible vertical frames. They are wind and rain resistant and reduce noise considerably. The panels come in different sizes and slide easily, thus making it suitable for all types of balconies. On the other hand, movable glass walls (Prisma) are ideal for terraces and shop fronts, as well as internal partitions and bank lobbies. Its movable glass panels slide effortlessly and noiselessly and can be stacked almost anywhere. The first glass panel can be equipped with a floor spring, lock and handle, and can be used as a swinging door.

With various types and customizable options, louvers create a functional yet visual touch to your project. They are designed to prevent rain and wind while at the same time allowing in light and air.

We offer an array of versatile shower door styles for a smarter living. Whether sliding or swinging, these shower doors create a stylish and relaxing feel in your bathroom.